“Words cannot describe what an amazing venue this is. We had the best day of our lives in the stunning gardens of this beautiful house. All of our guests were totally blown away by the scenery and walled gardens, its all they have been talking about! It was totally perfect for us and makes a perfect outdoor wedding site in summer particularly, as you don’t need any flowers because the gardens are so beautiful already! A big thank you to Lara and her family for all their help, advice, recommendations and words of wisdom!

The hall was genuinely the first thing all the guests talked about, how incredible the venue was, no one had been to a wedding like it so think they were all in shock, and that was before all the booze was opened!

Having not been someone who was interested in getting married and had no idea what “my day” was going to be like, I had the most perfect day I could ever have imagined and that was all because of your house and help. Without you I would not have the most incredible pictures in the most beautiful venue from the funniest guy I have ever met!

You and your hall will always be so very special to us” – Holly & Rick